Actiam: company name for asset management

SNS Asset Management and Investment Management SNS manage assets for insurance companies REAAL and Zwitserleven, ASN Bank, ASN Investment Funds, Investment SNS, RZL Funds and the Zwitserleven Funds, as well as external parties. The assets under management in 2013 amount to 44.2 billion euros.

After many years of collaboration, the two companies will merge, with the advantage that they can create a single center of excellence for their customers in the funds and investment area. In addition, they will be better equipped to comply with laws and regulations, such as the recently stricter requirements for fund management (AIFMD). Cooperation will be more effective and efficient.

Responsible investment at a good return remains a crucial pillar. Also, asset management and fund administration remain unchanged in terms of activities and personnel. As a result, expertise and services to the fund investors can be optimised in the new organisation.


Globrands is asked to develop a name for the merged company. The core promise is that it helps its clients in an engaged way to achieve their investment goals while the starting point remains responsible investing. The name has to meet all juridical and linguistic requirements in the relevant countries.


The name ACTIAM sounds corporate, short and logical, as if it is has existed for years. The word part ‘act’ stresses the active customer orientation, while ‘am’ refers to the abbreviation AM, which means Asset Management in the industry. By keeping the name so close to the core activity, it sounds trustworthy, timeless and down-to-earth.