The Apple tale: A bite-size story into the world’s most famous tech brand

Have you ever wondered why Apple, the tech giant, rocks a name that belongs in your fruit bowl, not your office? Let’s peel back the layers of this mystery.

Legend has it Steve Jobs threw around the idea during a meeting. An apple on the table sparked the threat – to call the company Apple if no one came up with something better within an hour.

But according to Steve Wozniak, Jobs just blurted out, “I’ve got a great name: Apple Computer.” No deep reason, just a gut feeling.

In his book, Wozniak said maybe Jobs liked apple trees or got inspired by Apple Records. The name might’ve sounded good, or perhaps it had a musical ring to it. While they considered other names like Executex and Matrix, Apple felt right.

Now, why ‘apple’? It brings thoughts of ‘yum’, ‘every day’, ‘fresh’, ‘handy’ and ‘tasty’ – things tech wasn’t known for back then. Plus, apples have a history – think Eve and that forbidden fruit.

There might be a link to words like ‘application’ and ‘appeal’ hiding in our brains. But the real magic is the feeling it gives – wonder. In the 1970s, naming a computer after a fruit was mind-blowing.

Today, it’s all quite normal, thanks to Apple. It’s a signal that says, “We make tech cool and accessible for everyone.” The name went from ‘wow’ to ‘oh, it’s Apple.’

It was when Steve Jobs’s biography was released that we got the juicy story: Before Apple, Jobs picked apples to make a buck for his community. The apple symbolized everything he wanted in design – natural, fresh, and fitting perfectly in your hand. 

So, the next time you munch on an apple, remember the not-so-serious story behind a name – a mix of gut feeling, a dash of music, and Jobs’ love for picking fruits from trees.