Name creation: you can do more with language than you think

How do you come up with a business name? Where does a product name come from? Previously, brand names were the names of the brand’s founders, or they described the product supplied. Nowadays, brand names are seen as a means to convey what the brand intends to promise in the long-term, which may be something concrete, or rather a feeling.

Brand positioning

Naming starts with the brand positioning. What is the promise? What makes it distinctive? And how can you convey that in the name? How does the new name relate to existing names, like other brands owned by the client and names used by the competition?

Once that is clear, our creatives think of ways to articulate that promise and then come with hundreds of names, each of which relates to it in its own way. We get our inspiration from identifying with the people who will eventually use the brand name and imagining what the new brand may mean to them. We look at names of brands with comparable brand promises in totally different markets, we tell ourselves many variations of the brand story and think about what title it could have. From these proposals, our team makes selections while finding new entries for new creation rounds.

This way, we create name lists of sufficient quality, volume and variety to make the underlying choices visible to our client, and ensure him of a good name.

Take inspiration from this site

On this site there are numerous cases that let you find out more about the possibilities of brand naming.