Meet our new intern Roy

We have a new intern in our Globrands team: Roy Troller. Roy is currently in his last year of his study Commercial Economics and is writing his bachelor thesis for Globrands. To get to know him a little more we asked him some questions:

 Can you tell us something about your background?

“My name is Roy troller, 22 years old and I live in a village called Borne, the same town that I grew up in. I am currently in my last year of my study Commercial Economics at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. As a brand marketeer at a large telecom company in Rotterdam I got to experience how branding is brought together with international recruitment. Since we had more than 40 nationalities in our office, I also got to learn a lot about effective communication, the IT world and working in a agile environment.’’

What is it about Globrands that appeals to you?

The expertise and experience in the field of naming and all the successful projects they have done so far.  People really notice that Globrands, together with their clients, seeks for the best naming solution.

What languages do you speak?

‘’I was raised bilingual. Although my mother tongue is Dutch, because of my Swiss dad I came into contact with German, and mostly Swiss German from an early age as well. Besides these languages I also speak English and am studying Norwegian at the moment.’’

Favorite quote:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

A suitable brand name..:

‘’ a name that covers the entire business. What is communicated externally, must correspond with the things you are trying to communicate internally.’’

Can you tell us something about the thesis you are writing for Globrands?

“For my thesis I will research the trends and developments regarding naming in an international context. With these outcomes Globrands can strengthen its European position and as a result interesting international collaborations can arise.’’

What is it that you want to learn or improve during your time at Globrands?

‘’In terms of knowledge, I would like to learn more about the creation of a brand or product name. Besides this, which creative, trademark and linguistic elements are important in this process, and what is Globrands’ approach.”

Can you name a company that appeals to you?

“Volvo. Apart from the cars they produce, I think that the name, and the story behind it are quite well thought out.  The brand name originates from ‘Volvare’, which means rolling in Latin. Volvo is derived from this and literally means ‘I roll’. Simple and comprehensive if you ask me.’’

Fun fact:

‘’As a kid I used to seriously think that everything was black and white.’’

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

‘’I think I would choose an elephant. Always together with a group and practically everybody is afraid of you.’’

Where do you see yourself in five years?:

‘’I would love to live and work in a different country for a couple years. I don’t really have a specific position in mind yet, but experiencing a different culture, language and way of working seems very interesting to me.”