Meet Alexandr Carasiov

Since we’ve welcomed Alexandr Carasiov to the Globrands team, he has helped us a lot with our marketing activities. For the past few months, Alex is bringing our Global Naming Network (GNN) to the next level. We’ve asked him to tell more about himself, his role, and future plans for GNN.


“My  name is Alexandr, and I have been working at Globrands for eight months. I study Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and I am currently writing my thesis.

Globrands is the first Dutch company I have ever worked at, and it has been a fascinating experience so far. I had a chance to learn, dive into the Dutch culture, and learn the language. Right after I joined Globrands, I was engaged in many company activities, and one of the most exciting events was Brands in Motion. I was in charge of the social media of Globrands, and got involved with the Global Naming Network (GNN).”

The Global Naming Network

“Since 2008, GNN has brought together the best naming agencies worldwide to elevate the practice of brand naming. The network involves each other for a variety of services e.g. the entire name creation process or only linguistic checks. Furthermore, GNN facilitates resource sharing, cultural understanding and sensitivity, empowering members to deliver their clients the most creative and impactful brand names possible.”

Revival of the network

“When I started working at GNN, it was inactive because of COVID. Annual meetings were impossible, the number of shared projects decreased, and the website needed to be updated. Therefore, the main goal was to revive it and bring some action. We started a LinkedIn page which I coordinate and make sure is consistent. The brand-new website with all the visual and verbal content was one of my main projects and luckily, we were able to launch it within two months.”

Turkish partner Markam

“As we value our relationship, and recently welcomed our new Turkish partner to the network, I worked on a yearly meeting in Isantbul. Now the strict covid period is over, we are happy to see most GNN members will come in a few weeks to Turkey to discuss our achievements, perspectives and goals. I enjoy working in such an international environment and have done an excellent job in helping to flourish GNN again.

Find the perfect name

“Global Naming Network’s mission, as the largest network of leading naming agencies, is to put you in contact with experts to mold a memorable and long-lasting brand name that impacts your company’s global ecosystem. GNN members stand at the forefront of verbal brand creation due to the worldwide collaboration and research to streamline the process of creating a successful brand for the benefit of our clients. Working with GNN means finding the perfect, suitable brand name that resonates with your audience. We are here for you whenever, wherever so don’t hesitate to contact us to grab a virtual coffee. Just call us or send an email.”