Interview with intern Eva

Eva Eeftens started her internship for Globrands in September of 2021. She studies Communication and Information sciences at Utrecht University. In this short interview she will talk about her internship at Globrands.

What did you focus on during your internship?

“I spent time working on my own project regarding the communication styles of organizations. I researched what would be the best way to adjust the tone of voice of an organization to the target audience and its needs. In addition to this own project, I was also allowed to observe and support many different ongoing projects. What I really appreciated about my time at Globrands was that I was given the opportunity to think about, and indicate what I wanted to learn during my internship. The position that Globrands has acquired in 35 years means that we have experience in  a lot of different markets. This resulted in me having the opportunity to gain knowledge during my internship about organizations and brands in a wide range of sectors. This made my time at Globrands stand out.”

Have you worked in this sector before?

“No I haven’t actually. I’ve had a variety of jobs in the past, but my internship at Globrands really was the first time that I was going to work in the communication and marketing field. Therefore I was quite nervous to start my internship. Luckily my colleagues took me by the hand on the first day and not only taught me a lot about our naming process, but also about branding and strategy. Everybody was willing to help.”

How was it to be an intern in times of Covid?

“I started my internship in September of 2021. Even though the restrictions did not allow us to work physically at the office full-time, we did have one office day a week where everybody would come to Amsterdam. This way I got to meet my colleagues in real life, which was something I really appreciated. In addition, we have a stand-up every morning in which we discuss ongoing projects, but also how everyone is doing. Therefore I was able to get to know everybody.’’

Did you feel involved at Globrands?

“What I really appreciated about my internship at Globrands was that I really felt like I was a part of the team. Of course there was so much I had to learn about aspects such as brand identity and branding, but during my internship I did feel like I got the opportunity to contribute and implement the knowledge I gained rom my study. This made me feel valued as an intern. The fact that we worked together in a small team also contributed to this fact.’’

‘’Concluding, I experienced my internship for Globrands as a very educational and interesting period in which I got to learn a lot about organisational communication, brand identity and strategy. I am certain that this experience will be valuable in the future.’’