Brands in Motion 21 september 2022 | #4

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Globrands is organizing another Brands in Motion event, this time in close collaboration with partner Novagraaf.

Brands In Motion 2022  | How your brand shapes the future
Wednesday 21 september 2022 | from 15:30 | Westerliefde Amsterdam

With this 4th edition of Brands in Motion we want to make a contribution to obtaining and sharing knowledge about new brand-related developments.

What has changed since the last edition of Brands in Motion? How do we respond to new risks, do we know how to seize opportunities? How and when do you respond to this with your brand? Do you want and can you make a positive contribution to change with your brand? Your brand no longer belongs to you, but to your audience. How do you deal with that, are you reactive or does your brand empathize and lead the way, like in the metaverse? How do you stay relevant and credible? What will the metaverse mean for your brand?

As a brand builder, in any sector, you want to keep up and keep a close eye on developments. Is your brand ready for this and what do you do or do not use for your brand communication? And above all: what is your target group doing and what do they expect from your brand?

When you get into something and invest, you want to do it right. Our guest speakers speak from knowledge and experience, which puts developments in perspective and gives you inspiration for your brand.

Program from 15:30

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, these special people from the profession will share their ideas and experiences with us:

Maaike van Urk – All-round specialist in the field of formats, series, films, games, events and merchandising (worked at Sony, Canal+, Endemol, Talpa and ITV)

Maarten Reijgersberg – Founder of RauwCC and Spiritual father of Esther Olofsson, the Netherlands’ first real virtual influencer.

Gilbert den Hertog – Chief Marketing Officer of Holland Casino, which represents the most radical step in the brand’s existence.

Jacco ter Schegget – CEO Publicis Groupe Belgium and Netherlands and LePub (dedicated Heineken agency) – Global Client Lead Heineken

Daan Muntinga – Strategy Director at Mensch, professor (UD) advertising & branding UvA

This inspiring afternoon will be concluded with delicious snacks, drinks and time to discuss these topics!

About Brands In Motion

Brands in Motion is the annual knowledge event with which Globrands wants to contribute to knowledge development for professionals involved with brands. To inspire them with the latest knowledge and practical examples in the field of strategy, communication, branding and brand protection. This time together with partner Novagraaf.


Effective naming, from a global corporate brand name to a well-chosen product designation, is a valuable strategic communication tool if all the ingredients are present: practical expertise, relevant experience, strategic insight, top creativity, intensive collaboration with both external experts and the client and pleasure in work.
As a market leader, this makes Globrands a much sought-after advisor, both for small simple questions and for complex international branding and naming projects. Together with the Global Naming Network of 13 international partners and Novagraaf, we have global creative, cultural and intellectual property expertise.
In an open and professional network in which everyone learns from each other, with one common goal: the best naming and verbal branding solution for our clients.


The WesterLiefde is located exactly between Central Station and the A10-West and is easily accessible by public transport, car or bicycle. With the nearby Q-park Westergasfabriek, WesterLiefde also has sufficient parking space in the area.

We introduce the speakers:

Maaike van Urk – All-round specialist in the field of formats, series, films, games, events and merchandising (worked at Sony, Canal+, Endemol, Talpa and ITV)

With over 25 years of experience, Maaike is a real expert within the media, focusing in particular on the development and exploitation of content in all its forms. After having worked in-house for years, she was originally a lawyer and established herself as a self-employed person at The Media Rights Boutique.
Maaike will talk about her experiences with brands in the multimedia format world, such as Big Brother and The Voice.

Maarten Reijgersberg – Founder of RauwCC and Spiritual father of Esther Olofsson, the Netherlands’ first real virtual influencer.

Purebred import from Rotterdam. Counter-thinker and straightforward. Graduated as a visual artist at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Now entrepreneur and founder of RauwCC, the most Rotterdam creative agency in the world. Spiritual father of Esther Olofsson, the Netherlands’ first real virtual influencer.

Maarten talks about trends in technology and communication and how these two worlds can reinforce each other. He distinguishes himself from trend watchers by applying the trends with his team in his business practice. RauwCC helps companies adapt their corporate identity and content to new technologies and media such as NFTs and the metaverse.

Gilbert den Hertog – Chief Marketing Officer at Holland Casino

Gilbert is responsible for the positioning of the online activities. On the one hand, commercial results are expected, but at the same time socially responsible actions (and therefore also marketing & communication) are expected.

He will talk about how Holland Casino thinks it can stay ahead of the fast-growing competition with a new positioning and brand strategy. The extensive regulations allow almost nothing. What do you do with your brand in a world where every time you are successful in something new legal changes are made, which again impose restrictions on your brand. While that brand is in fact all you have.

Jacco ter Schegget – CEO Publicis Groupe Belgium and Netherlands – Global Client Lead Heineken

Responsible for all social channels of Heineken from Amsterdam. Heineken Silver is a good example of the positioning and introduction of a new brand in the metaverse. It’s marketing 3.0 with everything that comes with it, including the off-line presentation in the form of a glass.
An inspiring case with inspiring insights for your own (digital) business transformation challenges.

Daan Muntinga – Strategy Director at Mensch

Daan Muntinga works as strategy director at Mensch, previously at TBWA and XXS. Before moving to the dark side, he worked as a lecturer-researcher at the University of Amsterdam, where he also obtained his PhD. He wrote red booklets for SWOCC about the future of brands and about measuring brands.

Is there a future for brands? And if so, what does that future look like, what are important developments? To give an (by definition incomplete) answer to this, he looks back and forward on the basis of Giep Franzen’s work.

Brands In Motion sharing knowledge

Brands live in a world of constant movement. Developments in the field of marketing and communication follow each other in rapid succession and it is difficult to keep up with them. The information is often fragmented and incomplete and there is not enough time to think carefully about what certain market developments mean for the brand and what to follow. To meet this need, Globrands has taken the initiative to organize regular discussions on brand-related issues that affect their customers. These discussions, breakfast sessions at Globrands or with one of their customers, provide insight into the issues at stake and what people would like to know more about. If necessary, other clients, agencies or advisors are involved, so that the quality of the discussions is high and that they actually yield results. Ultimately, a theme emerges on which a seminar is organised. Customers appreciate Globrands’ thinking along and Brands In Motion is starting to build a name as a brand think tank.


The seminars are designed to inspire brand professionals with the latest knowledge and best practices in brand strategy and communication.

The first seminar, on a trial basis and still small-scale, was in cinema De Uitkijk in Amsterdam, with the theme ‘How brands convince.’

This proved to be successful and became the basis for Brands In Motion, followed by various sessions and seminars. Finally in 2020 we see what we want to see thanks to artificial intelligence and our opinions are confirmed. With speakers such as Arendo Joustra (editor-in-chief EW on the difference between paid and unpaid news), Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt (from The New Fork on food blockchain), Matthijs Klinkert from Fabrique on how the brand can help to break through filter bubbles, etc.

Seminar 2022

In this uncertain world in which many people are looking for something to hold on to, brands can help. Then they must have the courage to take daring actions and take strong positions, recognizing that this can also lead to the necessary criticism. Because before brands claim to save the world, they must first look in their own backyard.

On Wednesday September 21, Globrands organizes the seminar ‘How your brand shapes the future’ in which the latest digital and multimedia developments are discussed.

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