Globrands Health & Pharma


Established in 2007 as a specialised division of Globrands strategy by naming, Globrands Health & Pharma is dedicated exclusively to guiding and supporting companies on the international market for health and pharma with finding the best possible names.

integrated approach
In the current dynamics of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry,  the importance and value of brands and brand names is growing.

Therefore, medical brand naming requires an integrated approach in which the relevant disciplines combine their strengths in order to get the best possible results.

global network
International names require an international naming network. We have made sure we can offer you just that.

Besides the experienced people in our Amsterdam agency, we have  the Global Naming Network partners’ creative input stand by from 12 countries, our language network that covers every possible language, trademark attorneys for worldwide searches and a truly global network of medical experts through our advisory board.

one for all, all for one
As the world gets smaller and markets converge, it is logical that more and more companies seek for just one brand name for their product everywhere. Sometimes this means that in the process of name development, additional juridical and linguistic restrictions come into play.

Globrands turns these restrictions into opportunities and is used to dealing with a variety of cultures and regulations. Moreover, via our Global Naming Network we share projects, knowledge and experience  with first class naming creatives, attorneys and research companies all over the world.

research and regulations
Passing all legal and linguistic searches is good, and many companies can settle for that. But when you are in the healthcare business you know there are more hurdles to take, and you therefore want a name that can also stand the regulatory issues. Drug names must meet stringent regulatory requirements to eliminate misleading messaging and to minimize the potential for confusion and errors in the prescription chain.

A well developed healthcare brand name should be able to endure uncertainty and secure regulatory name approval from the CBG-MEB, KOAG-KAG (in the Netherlands), the FDA, the EMA and other regulatory agencies. We even take into account unclear doctors’ handwriting and audible errors.